We're excited to offer students from majors across Michigan State University's campus the opportunity to take our online Sandbox courses this summer (US17). In the past, these classes have only been available to majors in our college. Space is limited, so sign up early. 

The seven groupings of courses below are your guide to gaining the skills you need to be the kind of communicator you want to be. With each set you complete, you will not only gain strong skills in that area, but you'll earn a badge commemorating your achievement and the right to boast about it on your resume and LinkedIn profile (badges are non-transcriptable, which means they will not appear on your transcript). You are also welcome to just take classes a la carte.


The Illustrator

CAS 116, CAS 206, CAS 205

The Gamemaker

CAS 117, CAS 207, CAS 208

The Graphic Designer

CAS 111, CAS 203, CAS 205

The Creative

CAS 110 + any two 200-level courses

The Animator

CAS 116, CAS 206, CAS 207

The Filmmaker

CAS 112, CAS 290-730, CAS 290-731

The Web Designer

CAS 111, CAS 203, CAS 204


Badges are non-trascriptable, but can be listed on LinkedIn profiles and resumes. Actual badges will be delivered as a .jpg image and a physical button available. Students should notify Media Sandbox (sandbox@msu.edu) upon successful completion (passing grade in all courses) of a badge grouping at the end of this summer, so that Sandbox can properly verify and arrange for badge delivery.